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COVID-19 Update: General Info

COVID-19 Update: Grateful Day Foundation is aware of CDC recommendations pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic and are staying vigil on all their up-to-date information.

We are taking this situation with Covid-19 very serious, as many of our clients, volunteers, and board members have compromised immune systems, like many others. With following the CDC recommendations we are cancelling all near future fundraisers in order to comply with social distancing, no more than 10 in a group setting, and those self isolating/quarantining for self care.

This also will pertain to the Poz 101 support group on Monday nights being cancelled until further notice.

Please stay safe everyone and once we have more information or CDC changes recommendations, we will keep you informed.

Please stay informed and safe. Thank you for your support. Please consider donating by clicking here to help support our efforts.

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