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Client Story: Makes people like me want to live

Updated: May 30, 2020

I want to tell you about a wonderful foundation called Grateful Day .....this place took me to doctor's appointment at no charge. They had a retreat for people with HIV. I went! It got me out of my apartment. I otherwise always stay locked in. This group made me feel like I was a person and mattered. If you're looking for a foundation to support this is in my book the best one to support. They really care about the quality of life the clients have and need. The retreat was awesome! I will go on all retreats from now on! Support the grateful day foundation it makes people like me want to live. K.H.

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I signed up for the retreat because of a push from my Husband and a nurse at OSU internal medicine. I was excited but very nervous as I had basically become home bound with anxiety, stress and depress

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