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Client Story: Home bound with anxiety

Updated: May 30, 2020

I signed up for the retreat because of a push from my Husband and a nurse at OSU internal medicine. I was excited but very nervous as I had basically become home bound with anxiety, stress and depression. The first night was rough and I wanted nothing more than to come home, upon calling home I was told hang in there this will do you good. To find out that there were others just like me, who felt like I did. Who was dealing with exactly the same thing. I made new friends, the education that was given was amazing and easy to understand. As the weekend progressed so did the sharing and talking and lots of fun with laughter!!!!!!!!! I am now more active, I go places and do things again. I feel more and more like the old me every day, and it is all thanks to GRATEFUL DAY FOUNDATION!!!!! I pray this foundation thrives and grows until we have a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J.T.

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