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Who we are


The Grateful Day Foundation Inc. was founded by Justin Flowers, Chuck Courtney and Shana Cozad, after the 2013 HIV Wellness Retreat.

Inspired by the continuous efforts of the Community of Hope UCC, Justin was determined to carry the torch when the church was no longer able to organize the event.   Early in 2013, Justin began  raising funds. Shana and Chuck were approached to help organize several fundraisers at local bars and restaurants.  This grassroots effort was able to completely fund the 2013 retreat at Sky Ranch Cave Springs in Quapaw OK. 


Our Begninning


Keryn Scott was a Missouri native and a long term survivor of HIV/AIDS, Outreach Worker, and HIV Educator.  Keryn traveled the United States speaking about HIV/AIDS and became an HIV educator and advocate.  She taught prevention to students, correctional inmates, civil groups and those in drug rehab facilities in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida.  In 2001, while working at Decision Point, a drug and alcohol treatment facility, Keryn’s path crossed the path of our founder Justin Flowers.   The pair were both working as outreach workers and hiv educators at the center.  Their personalities immediately melded together to make a remarkable team.  Keryn and Justin grew to be the closest of friends.  Keryn and Justin worked together on many different projects, including the annual HIV Wellness Retreat.  In 2004 Keryn settled in Tulsa. 


After a long struggle with HIV/AIDS, Keryn was diagnosed with Stage 4 Intestinal Cancer in 2011.  Knowing her end was near, Keryn began signing her emails and letters with Have a Grateful Day.  Her outlook on life had changed to be grateful for each and every day she had left.  Keryn went into a coma on January 1st 2012 and 4 days later she passed away surrounded by friends and family. 

The HIV Wellness Retreats were not the same after Keryn’s passing, but Justin continued to go, and lights a candle in her honor every year at the retreat.  The Community of Hope Church organized the Annual HIV Wellness Retreat for many years, but unfortunately the congregation disbanded in 2011.  This put the funding for the retreats in jeopardy.  Justin dug deep and found the drive that Keryn had instilled in him and made a goal of insuring that the retreats continued. 


After some serious soul searching and a profound need to do something worthwhile before he himself succumbs to HIV/AIDs, Justin decided to start an organization that would fund these retreats.  After researching other AIDS Service Organizations in the area, he found there were a few services that were not quite adequate such as transportation and child care.  With the help of Chuck Courtney, Shana Cozad, Paul Dorman, and Patrick French, Justin formed the Grateful Day Foundation Inc. named in honor of Keryn. 

Keryn Scott

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